Wool on Leather Scraps, Shetland Sheepskin, Natural Colors, Un-Dyed, for Needle Felting Crafts and More, 100 Square inches

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Shetland sheep come in a wide range of colors and are excellent for creating the most realistic needle felting creations. The wool is unshorn, and since it is still on the leather, you can clip the exact length you need. The natural gradations of color in the fibers cannot be duplicated with commonly used dyed wool. Make your creations even more realistic with natural wool!

  • Sheepskin scraps from the Shetland Sheep breed vary in color. As a natural product, scraps may vary from detail photo shown.
  • This listing is for 100 square inches of Shetland sheepskin.
  • Wool length varies from 2-5 inches
  • Shetland wool works well for needle felting, and is much easier to work with than Merino, and comes in many natural colors.
  • Make your creations come to life with natural wool!