USA Sheepskin Care Rug, Rocky Mountain Collection, Softest, Most Luxurious, Shorn Lambskin for Baby or Medical

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  • Outback Gold Wool Wash Detergent, natural plant based soap for sheepskin and woolens, 16 ounce size
  • Outback Gold Wool Wash Shampoo. Plant based soap for sheepskin and fine washables.


The Rocky Mountains in the western US is home to most of the Rambouillet sheep in this country. Also known as the French Merino, this breed of sheep had its beginning in France back in 1786. King Louis XVI had purchased a flock of 300 Spanish Merino sheep from Spain for the purpose of improving the breed. These sheep were kept in the region of Rambouillet, France. With selective breeding, this new Merino became much larger and developed a superior wool. Most sheepskin rugs on the market are either dyed a golden color, or bleached to hide or remove natural stains. Bleaching can damage the fibers. These specially sourced pelts from the Rocky Mountains are custom processed for Desert Breeze Distributing here in the USA. They have never left American soil. They have not been dyed or bleached. The wool was shorn to a length of about 1.5 inches. This pelt works well for a mattress pad, underlay, play rug, nap mat, chair pad, and wheelchair cover.

  • 100% USA RAISED AND PROCESSED – Sourced from sheep raised high in the Rocky Mountains, then processed in America to be safe for babies.
  • RAMBOUILLET MERINO – Also known as French Merino, these sheep have been specially bred for their large size and super fine wool. These sheep thrive in the US Rockies, and produce the softest wool in the world. 
  • SOFT AND LUXURIOUS CARE RUG – The wool has been trimmed (shorn) to approximately 1.5 inches in length, which works best for care rugs. We have hand trimmed these pelts at our facility to keep them as large as possible for better coverage when used as a mattresses underlay, play pen pad, toddler bed pad, or chair cover. 
  • EASY CARE - wash in lukewarm water with mild liquid detergent. We recommend using Outback Gold Wool Wash, a plant-based laundry soap with lanolin and other natural conditioners. Stretch to shape while still damp. Lay flat to dry. May be tumble dried on the air-dry setting.
  • NATURE’S LUXURY – Sheepskin has long been known for its naturally soothing and calming characteristics. It can reduce stress and relieve pressure points. The wool fibers are breathable and can regulate body temperature in all climates - warm in winter, cool in summer!