Silky Soft and 100% Natural Lambskin Care Rug, XXL Size 40" x 24", Short Wool, Medical Grade, Baby Care Quality for Delicate Skin

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  • Outback Gold Wool Wash Detergent, natural plant based soap for sheepskin and woolens, 16 ounce size
  • Outback Gold Wool Wash Shampoo. Plant based soap for sheepskin and fine washables.

This luxurious lambskin rug has dense, plush fur. It has been tanned with an eco-friendly process to be safe for baby use as bedding or play rug, or for use as an underlay to prevent pressure sores.. The wool fibers of lambskin are hollow and naturally breathable, which helps maintain normal body temperature. Perfect for year round comfort, as it is warming in winter and cooling in summer. Studies have shown that the soothing qualities of natural lambskin help babies be more content and sleep better. The extra large size makes this rug a truly versatile lambskin that will bring comfort to the ones you love!

Each rug that carries the Desert Breeze Distributing name has been carefully crafted, inspected and measured. Only products that pass our strict quality standards carry the name Desert Breeze Distributing - a name you can trust! Desert Breeze Distributing® is a registered trademark of Desert Breeze LLC.

  • Eco friendly tanning - does not contain any toxic or harmful chemicals. This special process is more complex than commonly used industry standards, but the result is a softer sheepskin that can be easily cared for and washed as needed.
  • Extra Large Size! These special lambskins measure 40 x 24 inches.
  • Shorn wool - trimmed to 1 inch in length for cushy support, with soft white leather on back.
  • Machine washable in lukewarm water and mild soap (we recommend Outback Gold Wool Wash).