Premium Needle Felting Kit for Beginners, 17 Colors Wool, Pure Wool Felting Pad, 15 Needles Various Sizes, Leather Finger Guards, Storage Case

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Learn to Needle Felt with the Best Materials!

Needle felting is an exciting new art form that can be learned by anyone! Experienced needle felters learn the importance of quality needles and wool. This kit is specially created with the finest tools and materials to make needle felting a positive experience from the beginning.

Includes everything you need to create multiple projects.

  • CARDED WOOL - 12 colors of carded New Zealand Maori Wool, 1/2 ounce each (14 gr). This wool is a favorite for quick and easy felting. Processed in Italy.
  • COMBED WOOL - 5 colors of Merino combed wool, 1/4 oz each (7 gr). Used for accents such as hair, fur, and more. Processed in the U.K.
  • CORE WOOL - 2 oz of Corriedale wool. This wool is perfect for the core of most projects. Processed in the USA.
  • FELTING NEEDLES - 15 precision felting needles, color coded, with a metal storage case for safety. Five each: 36 gauge Star, 38 gauge Star, and 40 gauge Spiral/Twist. Made by Groz-Beckert of Germany.
  • FELTING CUSHION - 100% pure wool, size 5"x6"x1”, made in USA.
  • FINGER GUARDS - 2 leather finger guards.
  • TUTORIAL, TIPS AND TECHNIQUES - Easy to follow instructions with detail photos on how to needle felt.
  • STORAGE CASE - A convenient case to store or travel with.
  • AGES 10 to ADULT - Recommended for ages 10 and up, because the needles are very sharp.

A Kit of Essential Tools and Materials Used by Experienced Needle Felters

This kit is recommended for those who want to learn the craft of needle felting and are confused with where to begin. Created by our team of experienced needle felters, this kit includes the essential tools and materials sourced from the best in the world to start you on your way to creating amazing works of art. 

  • The use of high quality wool is necessary for success in needle felting. Some wool can be difficult to felt with because of poor selection and harsh processing which can damage the fiber. All of the wool in this kit is specially selected for the specific needs of needle felting, then gently processed with Oeko-Tex approved cleaners and dyes.
  • Felting cushions are commonly made of foam, which are often made of toxic chemicals. Repeatedly poking the foam with the needle can release these toxins. Felting cushions from Desert Breeze Distributing are made of 100% pure and natural sheep wool.
  • Precision needles are important for success in needle felting. Felting needles have tiny barbs going in one direction that catch the scales of the wool fibers and lock them together. When a needle is rough and the barbs are not well defined, the felting process can be erratic and leave a rough surface. The needles in this kit are made of high-carbon steel and offer precise control of the felting process. See the needle comparison image below to show a magnified view of the difference between a cheap needle and our precision needle.


Samples of what can be made with this kit: