Natural Boar Bristle and Rounded Wood Pin Combination Hair Brush, Best for Thick Hair, Model OWB, Olive Wood Handle, Made in Germany

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  • The OWB hairbrush is a full size paddle brush that is 2.5" wide (brush area) x 8.25" (total length) and is a combination wood pin and boar bristle hair brush, which are all of the same length.
  • Crafted in the quiet Germany countryside at a family shop that's been making quality brushes by hand since the 1930's.
  • Natural wood pin and boar bristle combination securely set into a firm rubber base. PLEASE NOTE: This brush is not a combination of our PW1 and BWW, as it has a more rigid rubber base. Those with fine-medium hair may find this brush feels too hard. It is designed for thick hair. If you have thick hair and want the benefits of boar bristle brushing without sectioning hair, and want a totally natural brush, this brush is specially made for you.
  • Handle is crafted from beautiful Olive wood sourced from groves along the Mediterranean Sea, which is FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council). It is only after the this valuable tree ceases to bear fruit that it is released to the wood trade. Each brush has a unique grain pattern. No two are alike! Each one is a natural work of art. Butterfly and "made in GERMANY"  are engraved into the wood for lasting beauty.
  • Wood is naturally anti-static, but boar bristles are similar in structure to human hair and are not, so this brush is only moderately anti-static. If additional static control is needed, smooth hair with palm of hand after each brush stroke or apply a small amount of a leave-in conditioner to hair before brushing.


The Brush
A family brush shop in a quiet German countryside has been crafting quality brushes since the 1930's. By using the finest materials from nature, this brush combines pure boar bristles with rounded wood pins in a solid olive wood handle. A combination brush such as this cannot be made by machine. It can only be made by hand. This brush has been crafted especially for the natural care of lovely thick hair.

The Boar Bristles
At the extreme elevations of the rugged Tibet Plateau in western China, small family farms raise a special type of wild boar. At these high altitudes the boars grow firm, strong bristles. The boars are raised for their meat, but the bristles are saved for the merchant who travels from farm to farm to purchase them. It is these unique boar bristles, which come from the boar's neck area, that are the most desirable for a high quality brush.

The structure of the boar bristle is very similar to that of human hair. Quality boar bristles absorb oils from the scalp, and when the hair is brushed, this oil is transferred down the hair shaft creating a natural sheen and nourishment for the hair.

The Wood Pins
The rounded wood pins come from the Hornbeam tree, grown in the forests of Italy and Poland. This particular wood is so hard and strong, it is also known as Ironwood. The wood pins combined with the boar bristles penetrate through thick hair.

The Olive Wood Handle
The golden color and contrasting dark veins of the olive wood are a beautiful and extraordinary creation of nature. Distinctive in both appearance and history, the olive tree has held symbolic importance since ancient times. Carefully crafted of wood from the old olive groves of southern Europe near the Mediterranean Sea. It is only when this valuable tree is near the end of its long life and ceases to bear fruit that it is released to the wood trade.

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