Ketchum Hollow Premium Dried Lavender Bouquet, 120 stems +

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Hidden in the countryside of Idaho's Magic Valley, grows a beautiful field of lavender known as Ketchum Hollow. The premium conditions of this fertile valley, along with the attention to detail each lavender bouquet receives from the growing season, to harvest, to drying, to packaging - this is why our lavender is a favorite for use in homes, office space, and weddings. When your lavender comes from Ketchum Hollow, you know it will be a beautiful, fragrant, and cherished gift for yourself or a loved one for some time.

Shipping dried flowers so they arrive intact takes special care. We carefully wrap each bouquet with plastic, pack with bubble wrap and package protectors to prevent shifting in transit, then secure the packaged bouquet in its own box for maximum protection from our lavender field to your home. You can enjoy a lavender bouquet from Ketchum Hollow as beautifully as if you had stopped by in person! Please be aware that even though we have taken every precaution possible to ensure your lavender arrives intact, some buds may fall off during transit. This is normal, and these fallen buds can be stored in a cloth bag and used as a fragrant sachet.

  • Arranged into bouquets before drying.
  • Dried in a dark environment. Our lavender is 100% natural. We do not spray essential oils or sealant onto the bouquet.
  • Wrapped in plastic, packed with bubble wrap and specialized package protection to prevent shifting in transit, then secured in its own box for maximum protection from our lavender field to your home.
  • Ketchum Hollow lavender is grown in Southern Idaho, USA.


Dried lavender can last from months to years depending on how it is stored. The scent of dried lavender will slowly diminish over time. To prolong the fragrance, keep the bouquet dry and avoid direct sunlight, heat, and humidity. When the lavender scent does begin to fade, gently squeeze a few buds to refresh. You can also drop a few drops of pure lavender oil onto the bouquet.