Four Pelt, New Zealand Premium Sheepskin, Ivory Rug, 6 ft x 4 ft, Thick Soft Luxurious Natural Wool, by Minidoka Sheepskin …

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  • Outback Gold Wool Wash Detergent, natural plant based soap for sheepskin and woolens, 16 ounce size
  • Outback Gold Wool Wash Shampoo. Plant based soap for sheepskin and fine washables.

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The versatility, elegance and beauty of a premium sheepskin rug can be enjoyed year round. Sheepskin is naturally breathable since the wool fibers are hollow. The unshorn wool (never been sheared/cut) is naturally soft. The leather on the back is naturally non-slip and grips well to most surfaces.

Minidoka Sheepskin ivory rugs are un-dyed, and have only been lightly bleached. This allows the natural, warm tones of the pelt to be show through. Each rug is a unique and beautiful piece of nature.

- 100% premium grade sheepskin.

- Soft unshorn wool is approximately 2" - 3" in length.

- Soft white leather on back.

- Approximately 6 feet in length, 4 feet in width.

- Machine washable. Dry cleaning is recommended.