Double Pelt, New Zealand Premium Sheepskin, Ivory Rug, 6.25 ft x 2.25 ft, Thick Soft Luxurious Natural Wool, by Minidoka Sheepskin …

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This gorgeous double pelt ivory rug is made of the highest grade sheepskin from New Zealand or Australia. Sheepskin pelts are graded when they first arrive at the tannery for quality, density, size, and texture. These double pelt sheepskin rugs from Minidoka Sheepskin are the #1 grade. The soft Merino wool is long and dense, and each rug is especially large, measuring 6.25 feet in length. Soft white leather on back, this rug is excellent for snuggling into for relaxing, laying over furniture, or as a floor rug to sink bare toes into. Bring a touch of nature's luxurious elegance into your life! 

Minidoka Sheepskin - a luxury line of innovative sheepskin products made with superior craftsmanship and material - manufactured by Desert Breeze Distributing.

- 100% premium grade sheepskin.

- Soft unshorn wool is approximately 2" - 3" in length.

- Soft white leather on back.

- 6.25 feet in length.

- Easy care - Naturally resists dirt and grease, hypoallergenic, and Sanitized.

- Machine washable. Dry cleaning is recommended.