DISCOUNTED Precision Felting Needles, High Carbon Steel, Color Coded, 36 Gauge Star, 38 Gauge Star, 40 Spiral/Twist

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felting-needles-german-made-3.jpgNOTE: These needles are discounted only because there was an error when the color was applied to the ends, and it went on too thick to fit into most needle holders (such as the Clover tool). But for anyone who uses the needle by hand and doesn't use a holder, these needles will be perfect for you! (Photos shown are not of the actual discounted needles offered on this page)

Precision Made for Quality Felting

Not all felting needles are alike! To achieve the best results, you need to use a quality needle. These needles are made with high carbon steel by Groz-Beckert, a leading manufacturer of precision felting needles from Albstadt, Germany. Precision felting needles are specially made to withstand more use and have greater long term performance. The three sizes included in this package are the most popular among felting experts.

  • 36 Gauge Star - Orange (Sunshine, large star). For building up of the core, quick felting, and joining pieces together. 
  • 38 Gauge Star - Blue (Star, small star). For finer core details and sculpting. 
  • 40 Gauge Spiral/Twist - Green (twisted beanstalk, small spiral/twist). For finishing details, fine fibers such as Merino.
Packaged for Convenience, Safety, and Storage of Sharp Needles

The needles are packaged in color coded envelopes inside a metal tin with a hinged lid. The tin is convenient for safe and easy needle storage, and for safe needle disposal.