100% Pure Goat Hair Baby Brush for Newborn and Toddler, Soft and Gentle, Pear Wood Handle with Engraved Butterfly, Made in Germany, Heirloom Quality, by Desert Breeze Distributing

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  • 100% pure goat hair bristles gently have long been proven to stimulate baby's delicate scalp, help prevent cradle cap, and smooth fine baby hair.
  • The handle of this beautifully crafted brush is made of oiled pear wood, grown locally in Germany. The wood has an engraved image of the butterfly - a symbol of the gentle and transforming powers of nature.
  • Crafted in Germany's Black Forest at a family shop that's been making high quality hairbrushes for over 100 years.
  • Brush size is 7 in x 1.75 in - not too big for brushing a baby's hair, yet not too small for grown hands to handle.
  • Recommended for most newborns, and toddlers with fine baby hair. This brush may be too soft for babies with thick hair.

The Brush

Long ago in Germany’s Black Forest — home to folklore and fairytales — a brush maker began crafting the world’s finest brushes. Today, his family legacy continues in the same German village it began, under the timeless watch of the Black Forest. The family’s dedication to quality has never wavered. Their selection and processing of locally grown wood for the brush handles, preparation and precision cutting of the bristles, to the completion of the final product, the generations of pride are evident in every brush.

The Bristles

Like a butterfly’s kiss, the ultra fine hair of a goat is especially soft and well suited for brushing the delicate scalp of a newborn baby. Toddlers also love the soft touch of this brush caressing their fine baby hair. Gentle stimulation of the scalp with this natural brush can help prevent cradle cap in newborns, and promote healthy hair growth. The bristles are sourced from goats living on farms in China, where the fur is humanely shorn, then sent to the brush factory in Germany’s Black Forest to be crafted into this fine brush.

Another high quality product from Desert Breeze Distributing - a name you can trust.

*Please note: Our hair brushes are guaranteed to be hygienic, in factory new condition, and completely unused. For this reason, returns on hair brushes are not accepted for any reason. If you have any questions or concerns before purchase, please contact us directly and we'll be happy to help you choose the best brush for your needs.