Wooden Hair Comb, Solid Beechwood, Natural, Anti-Static, Made in Germany, Engraved Butterfly

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The Comb
Long ago in Germany's Black Forest - home to folklore and fairytales - a brush maker began crafting the world's finest brushes. Today, his family legacy continues in the same German village it began, under the timeless watch of the Black Forest. The family's dedication to quality has never wavered. Their selection and processing of locally grown wood, along with the precision crafting of each brush or comb - the generations of pride are evident.

This is a wide tooth comb.

Measurements: 7" x 2"

The Beech Tree
This fine crafted comb is made of pure, locally grown Beech wood. The Beech tree has long held the nickname "Queen of the Woods" for her stately and majestic appearance. According to folk lore, it was the high arching branches of the Beech that inspired the building of great cathedrals. Pieces of beechwood were believed to bring good luck and provide protection. Wood is naturally anti-static and will calm fly away hair. Wood also does not conduct heat, so the comb will remain cool if used during blow drying.

*The wood used in creating this comb has been certified as eco-friendly by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®), an international organization promoting sustainability and responsible management of the world's forests.

Comb Care
Wash the comb in lukewarm water mixed with a touch of shampoo. Use a soft brush to clean between the tines. Do not soak the wooden comb. Rinse in clear water and dry with a soft cloth. Proper care will prolong the life of your natural comb.