Packaging, which contains details and story about the brush, and front and back of our PW1 boar bristle hair brush with stiff bristles. Made in Germany.

Wood Pin Hair Brush, Model BWW, Gentle Scalp Massage, Beechwood, Rounded Wood Bristles, Anti-Static, Premium Hairbrush, Made in Germany

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    • The BWW hairbrush is a full size paddle brush that is 2.5" wide (brush area) x 9" (total length) and is natural wooden bristle made from the solid wood of the Hornbeam tree, which is also known as Ironwood.
    • Crafted in Germany's Black Forest at a family shop that's been making high quality hairbrushes for over 100 years.
    • The wood pins are firmly set into a flexible cushioned base - thus providing the ultimate scalp massage with rounded, smooth bristles that will glide through all hair types while distributing natural oils down the hair shaft. The air hole in the cushion is the secret to allowing the brush to gently massage the scalp.
    • Handle is made from beautiful beechwood native to Germany, which is FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council). The wood is not stained, but is only oiled for natural beauty and durability. Butterfly and "made in GERMANY" are engraved into the wood for lasting beauty.
    • Brushing with a wooden brush is a refreshing and invigorating experience. Wood is naturally anti-static and will calm fly away hair. Wood also does not conduct heat, so brush will remain cool if used during blow drying. Can also be used on wet towel dried hair.


    The Brush:
    Long ago in Germany's Black Forest - home to folklore and fairy tales - a brush maker began crafting the world's finest brushes. Today, his family legacy continues in the same German village it began, under the timeless watch of the Black Forest. The family's dedication to quality has never wavered. Their selection and processing of locally grown wood for the brush handles, preparation and precision cutting of the bristles, to the completion of the final product, the generations of pride are evident in every brush.

    The Bristles:
    The handle of this fine brush is made of pure, locally grown Beech wood. The Beech tree has long held the nickname "Queen of the Woods" for her stately and majestic appearance. Pieces of beech wood were believed to bring good luck and provide protection. Carefully milled, shaped, and finished to perfection by expert craftsmen, this special brush is a treasure to hold.

    The rounded wood pins come from the Hornbeam tree grown in the forests of Italy and Poland. This particular wood is so hard and strong, it is also known as Ironwood.

    All wood used in creating this brush have been certified as eco-friendly by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®), an international organization promoting sustainability and responsible management of the world's forests.

    Natural Hair Care:
    The rounded wood pins in the soft rubber base gently massage the scalp and increase circulation, while distributing natural oils throughout the hair. Brushing with a wooden brush is a refreshing and invigorating experience. Be sure to back brush your hair for maximum benefit. Wood is naturally anti-static and will calm fly away hair. Wood also does not conduct heat, so the brush will remain cool if used during blow drying.

    Another high quality product from Desert Breeze Distributing - a name you can trust.

    *Please note: Our hair brushes are guaranteed to be hygienic, in factory new condition, and completely unused. For this reason, returns on hair brushes are not accepted for any reason. If you have any questions or concerns before purchase, please contact us directly and we'll be happy to help you choose the best brush for your hair type.

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    1. Wonderful quality without being overpriced

      I have tried cheap wooden bristle brushes and those on the expensive side. My mixed girl hair and tender scalp (often with itchiness and dandruff because of scalp psorasis or dermatitis) have had problems with both. The cheap ones have hurt my scalp to the point of tenderness for days later and the more expensive ones felt good but didnt brush well enough to really distribute the oils or get tangles well. Either way I would have a LOT of hairfall and a still itchy scalp. Miraculously this is the goldilocks of wooden bristle brushes for me. Hardly any needless hair fall or hair snagging, feels great on my scalp and drastically reduced itchiness to almost nill. It doesn’t hurt that it feels and looks well crafted and beautiful. This is my new must have.

    2. 5 Stars

      Very nice wood bristle hair brush - item arrived well package and on time. Works well for long, wet hair.

    3. 5 Stars

      Very nice wood bristle hair brush - item arrived well package and on time. Works well for long, wet hair.

    4. Works well

      This brush works well for long tangled hair without breaking strands or pulling. It is nice to hold and the wood is beautiful.

    5. Beautiful and wonderful

      Love using this brush with wooden bristles - surprisingly enjoyable to brush your hair with and great to gently massage the scalp

    6. 5 stars

      This a beautiful brush and it glides through both my daughters' hair. We are African-American with natural hair that is thick, curly and long and it really does the job both with their hair is wet or dry.

    7. The improvements in my hair just w/ this brush were immediate & night & day!

      This brush has revolutionized or dramatically improved my hair & my enjoyment in taking great care of it. The brush itself is beautiful. I love the light, smooth wood. It feels wonderful now to brush my hair. I'm no longer afraid of my hair getting caught in or pulled out by the brush. It is so gentle & much easier to control. If I feel the hair start to catch slightly in the wood-pin bristles, I simply stop brushing, & gently lift the brush in a smooth lifting motion, away from the hair, & start over. My hair looks better & healthier between shampoos than it did B4 this brush. I love the fact that the wooden pins (or bristles) are made of a very hard wood, so I know they will never split or break & cause breakage of my hair. It is true, it is very anti-static, & normally my hair had been fly-away & dry & hard to "tame", but now, no fly-aways. I enjoy brushing my hair now & it feels great on the scalp & my hair likes it far better than my old boar bristle brush, too. The service is excellent & super fast. I couldn't be happier. I LOVE this brush! This brush far surpasses all of my expectations. Thank you! (edited for length)

    8. I am in LOVE with this brush!!

      I was a bit unsure about the wooden bristle but, this is an amazing brush.
      It brushes through your hair, gets to the scalp, massages, but doesn't hurt even the slightest. It gets tangles out gently, and when you have finished brushing. It FEELS different. Crazy as it may sound, but not so crazy given it's what it's designed to do. You physically feel that you haven't just taken care of your hair but taken care of your scalp at the same time.
      Thank you so much :)

    9. My favorite brush!

      I received this as a gift and it has quickly become my favorite brush. It easily goes through my hair as well as my granddaughter's fine hair, wet or dry. And the wood bristles give a great scalp massage! I highly recommend this one!

    10. 5 Stars

      Love it! The brush doesn't have a real woodsy smell, which I really appreciate. It is beautiful and gives a great scalp massage while brushing. It doesn't have wood nubs on the end so it is less stressful on the hair and I have noticed less breakage. I would buy again and would recommend it to everyone.

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