Medical sheepskin underlay bed pad. Natural shape pelt.

Minidoka Sheepskin, Medical Underlay, Super Plush and Silky Soft, by Desert Breeze Distributing

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    A Minidoka Sheepskin - Medical Underlay by Desert Breeze Distributing is the ultimate in soothing comfort for anyone who needs relief from the pain associated with pressure sores, fibromyalgia, and poor circulation. It also provides a patient with an overall feeling of well-being and helps to reduce stress. 

    To qualify as a Medical Grade skin, the wool fibers must be especially fine and dense so it can provide the maximum support. Research studies in Australia noted that lambskin (from younger animals) were consistently rated as more supportive than sheepskin (from older animals). The study proved that the comfort factors related to softness and support provided by lambskin with a wool length of 30mm proved to be more comfortable than the shorter wool lengths of 20-25mm. 


    • Single - Single pelt. Manually trimmed to include as much area as possible. Each pelt is natural shape and unique in size and shape. Average size is 41-43" in length x 25-28" across width of middle. Packaged in clear soft case with zipper and handles (as pictured on this page).
    • Single Trimmed - Auto cut and trimmed to be consistent size and shape. Each pelt is 41" in length x 23.5" across width of middle. Packaged in clear soft case with zipper and handles (as pictured on this page).
    • Double - Two manually trimmed pelts sewn in the middle for maximum length. Each pelt is natural shape and unique in size and shape. Average size is 78-80" length x 25-28" across width of middle. Rolled and packaged in a poly bag (not pictured).

    Wool is naturally breathable because the fibers are hollow and wick moisture away from the body. It also helps regulate body temperature so is warm in winter and cool in summer. 

    This high quality line of lambskin rugs is from Australia and New Zealand, then tanned and finished according to strict quality standards in a world class facility in China that has the following certifications: ISO9001, Woolmark, Intertek, Sanitized, and CPSIA. 

    • 100% Premium Grade Australian Merino Lambskin
    • XL Medical Lambskin single pelt natural shape is a minimum of 41 inches in length, and is a cream color.
    • Beneficial in the relief of pressure sores, fibromyalgia, and poor circulation. Extremely thick and silky soft for the ultimate in comfort for even those with the most sensitives skin.
    • Sheepskin naturally resists flame, dirt, oil, and odor. It's also hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial.
    • Specially tanned and Sanitized for hygiene and safety.
    • Machine wash (up to 104° F) or dry clean.
    • Minidoka Sheepskin - a luxury line of innovative sheepskin products made with superior craftsmanship and material - a division of Desert Breeze Distributing.


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    1. 5 Stars

      I had been in an car accident and had several fractured to my back, pelvis and ribs. I was unable to lay down without severe pain. This has been worth it weight in gold. I have since bought another for my husband and my uncle had purchased as well. LIFESAVER

    2. Perfect

      This is a perfect sheepskin. Thick, dense and plush. Thank you

    3. 5 Stars


    4. First Quality

      This is excellent quality. My wife has lupus and this makes her much more comfortable in bed.

    5. 5 Stars

      exactly what we needed for my elderly grandfather to help prevent bed sores.

    6. 5 Stars

      I ordered this for my mother. I believe it helped with bed sores. Her care giver loved it so I ordered another one as well.

    7. Medical Sheepskin Underlay

      I bought the medical sheepskin for my husband, he loves it. He always had pain laying on his side, because he lost a lot of muscle and fat, due to his illness. The softness of the sheepskin helps him being more comfortable laying on his side. His pain is decreased considerable. Thanks for offering this item to the public.

    8. 5 Stars

      Perfect for my bedridden neighbor's wife!!!

    9. 5 Stars

      Exactly what my ailing wife needed!!!

    10. Amazing!!!!

      This is amazing. Great shape and soft.

    11. Exceeded My Expectations

      Meticulously clean and combed wool skin. Medical grade professionally packaged with credentials so I was confident the nurses at the hospital would have no objection to our using it. The depth of the pelt offers great comfort and protection against skin breakdown for an individual who is primarily bed ridden. The zippered package is durable enough for storage when not in use.

    12. great for bedrest

      I purchased this because I've been on bedrest for a while now, and started getting sore even on my alternating mattress pad.

      It is luxuriously soft, feels great, and on bare skin relieves both pressure, skin shear when moving, heat build up, and moisture. I feel like I'm laying on a cloud. Soreness in my shoulders is 90% gone after just 2 days laying on this.

      Just ordered a second one for my legs/feet

    13. Clean and perfect size for a chair or bed

      Clean and perfect size for a chair or bed. My sister could tell her pain was much less when she was using in her chair.

    14. 5 Stars

      I am very happy with the quality of this sheepskin, and the size. It really is XL! No smell at all, and the plush sheared wool is so nice to touch. Shipped very quickly. Thanks!

    15. 5 Stars

      What blessing. I can now rise up in my bed and save my poor boney elbows. Very pleased.

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