100% Pure Wild Boar Bristle Hair Brush, Calcutta Max for Thick or Long Hair, Extra Stiff Natural Bristles, Indian Rosewood Handle, Hand Finished in India, Tufted in USA

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Why are boar bristles so good for your hair?

Boar bristles are good for hair because they are similar to each other in structure. Like human hair, boar bristles are made of keratin. As seen in the microscopic photo at left, the scales of a boar bristle closely resemble those of a human hair. These scales absorb the natural oils produced by the scalp, and distribute it gently down the hair shaft. Synthetic bristles cannot provide the same benefits of a quality boar bristle brush.

Over time, regular brushing with a boar bristle brush will have a powerful effect on the overall health of your scalp and hair, and will improve the texture and vibrancy from roots to hair ends.

Longer, Thicker Bristles

To create a brush that will penetrate through thick or long hair without the aid of synthetic bristles, we source the thickest, highest quality bristles in the world, then have them cut to a length that is longer than industry standards. The precision spacing between tufts also allow the brush to better penetrate through thicker hair types, and to grip long hair to the ends for a more thorough, natural brushing experience. A brush that flows through long or thick hair without synthetic bristles - because everyone should enjoy a pure boar bristle hair brush!


BRUSH SIZE: 9" x 3" X 1.5"
BRISTLE LENGTH: 0.75" - 0.87" (19-22 mm)


The Calcutta MAX - for naturally healthy, shiny hair

High quality wild boar bristles naturally absorb oils from the scalp. When the hair is brushed, this oil is transferred down the hair shaft. This process creates a natural sheen, volume and fullness, while also helping to prevent split ends.


  • The bristles of the Calcutta MAX are the stiffest in the world. However! They are still not as stiff as nylon or synthetic bristles. As this brush has no synthetic bristles, it is possible that very thick or course hair will still need to be brushed in sections.
  • The handle of the Calcutta MAX is larger than most brushes on the market. It was created for those who prefer a brush with a substantial weight and larger grip. Indian Rosewood is a hard, dense wood and the handles is shaped with a nice grip and a wide head. The MAX weighs 5 ounces (146 grams), which is 2-3 ounces more than a standard hair brush.
  • Your Calcutta MAX brush is built to last a long, long time. Keep the brush free of loose hair by using a fine tooth comb or brush cleaner for optimum performance (we recommend the Desert Breeze Brush and Comb Cleaner - search Amazon for: B079F9ZT49). It is good to occasionally wash the bristles with water and shampoo. Do not leave the brush to soak. Dry the handle with a soft cloth, then set the brush with bristles pointing downward away from direct heat to finish drying.

boar-in-forest-sq300.jpgSpecially Selected Calcutta Bristles from the Indian Wild Boar

Boar bristles vary between species of Wild Boar, age of the animal, and the climates they are raised in. In the moist, high elevations of India, the Indian Wild Boar grows especially thick bristles. They are raised on small family farms where they live their lives in the open air. The boars thrive in the high temperatures and moist climate, and grow especially firm bristles. The boars are raised for their meat, but the bristles are saved for the merchant who travels throughout the highlands to purchase them.


handles1-sq.jpgIndian Rosewood handles - handmade and finished to perfection in India

The handles are made from premium Indian Rosewood in their native India. Hand finished to perfection, they are then shipped to the USA where the bristles holes are precision drilled and securely tufted.

The attention to fine details by highly skilled craftsmen from the original sourcing of the very best materials to the beautifully finished product is evident in every brush.